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Utilize Your Strengths

Often when we seek out help, support, or intervention it’s because there’s something we’re trying to change. Our first inclination can be to look at what we’re doing wrong, rather than considering the strengths we bring to the situation, task or relationship.

When working with clients, it's important to me to find ways to help identify strengths in order to support areas of vulnerability. A tool I’ve found to be very helpful with this approach is the VA Classification of Character Strengths. I’ve included a link below if you’re curious to check it out.

Identifying and understanding your strengths can support the following areas:

  • Creating greater self-awareness

  • Identifying where boundaries need to be set

  • Viewing your potential instead of focusing on vulnerabilities

  • Knowing which strengths you can turn to for support when you’re facing a challenge

  • Helping you feel empowered to make decisions and identify what you need

As you look through the chart and identify your own strengths, here are a couple of questions to consider:

  • How can you remind yourself of your strengths?

  • How have you used your strengths in the past? Is there any part of your previous experience that you might be able to apply to the present?

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