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Who Does Executive Function Coaching Support?


Students with learning differences, ADHD, or other Executive Function challenges who struggle with organization, time management, task initiation and completing tasks efficiently.


Neurodivergent individuals who are small business owners and/or professionals who need support in managing their workload, meeting deadlines, and achieving their goals.

Individuals Seeking

Personal Growth

Any individual looking to improve their organizational skills, time management, and ability to plan and achieve long-term goals can benefit from Executive Function coaching.

How Can Coaching Can Support You?

Holistic & Customized  Approach

Coaching takes into account various aspects of each client's life, including academic or work tasks, environment, support needs and immediate goals. Strategies are personalized, empowering clients to build on their strengths while addressing specific areas of improvement.

Neurodiverse Friendly Practices

Coaching integrates visual supports and a pace that matches client’s preferences, making the learning process accessible and effective for individuals with diverse learning and processing needs.

Mindfulness & Resilience

Clients benefit from learning neurodiverse-friendly mindfulness practices, movement, and breathing strategies, fostering increased focus, a calm mind, and strengthened resilience.

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Beyond skill-building, clients gain insights into their brains, anxiety, and coping mechanisms, fostering self-awareness, self-advocacy, and a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage executive function challenges.


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