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Support Cables

I got stuck in traffic Monday, which turned out to be a really cool thing. I got to sit and watch a huge container of construction supplies swinging back and forth over the road. I was very grateful I was not on the other side of the street underneath that whole process!

I started wondering about the cables and the safety protocols that must be in place for that type of equipment. This led me to thinking about how each of us can make choices and move forward in life when we are confidently supported by a close network around us. We’re not intended to do things alone. Even when we feel like we’re hanging over a construction site and two lanes of traffic, it can be good to know what is holding us steady.

When someone starts Executive Function Coaching, it’s often because the support cables that once worked are no longer effective, or it can be that new cables are needed. As a result, I partner with clients to identify their areas of strength and vulnerability. EF Coaching involves several components, one of which involves teaching skills and strategies for the areas of vulnerability by adding in more support cables. It’s not intended to be long term, and the goal is to help each client build their own unique toolbox.

As you go about your day today, I offer these two questions:

  • Who is a support cable in your life?

  • What is one skill or strategy that serves as a support cable in your life?

If you have trouble answering these, no need to panic. It's an opportunity to step back and assess what one small step you can take in order to resource yourself in the ways you need. If you are feeling like you need some more support cables, please reach out for a conversation!

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