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The Flow of Balance

Hello! Just the other day, I read something that talked about achieving balance. As I was thinking about it, I realized it does take work to balance everything in our lives, and yet there are seasons where we need (or want) to pay attention to something that requires more time and energy. Striving for balance does take a lot of effort. Yet, in the midst of that there can be a place to pause and breathe. I found myself asking, what is the prize for “achieving” balance? If a project at work requires more of us for a short period of time or a relationship needs care and attention, it’s not a bad thing to shift in that direction for however long it's needed. What if we were able to think about it in terms of increasing awareness? With this in mind, I offer you a couple of questions to consider:

  • What does balance look like for you?

  • What helps you notice if something feels out of balance for you?

  • Where are you placing your attention?

  • What might need some attention in your life?

Striving can be exhausting. It can also put meaningful and important things in your life in opposition to one another. If we over-adjust, we may find we move too far to one side. When we assess and make a conscious choice we can gently move in the direction we want to be going. If we’re able, softening to move with the ebb and flow of what comes our way can be a much more gentle approach.

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