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Let's Live As Those Who Don't Check the Boxes

If you are someone who feels they haven’t checked the boxes in the “appropriate order of life" (or even at all), I’m right there with you. You are not alone. For many years, this has been a source of discomfort for me. I was on a long walk the other day and had a moment of insight, which helped me flip the script on this. It was so freeing I wanted to share it with you. I became aware of how grateful I am that I have not fit “the norm.” I have taken paths and made decisions that felt incredibly uncomfortable and confusing when it seemed like all I should be doing was working harder to fit in and take a “traditional” path. With this recent insight, I experienced gratitude that I haven’t molded myself into something that wasn’t authentic to who I am. When I meet clients for the first time, I often learn about how they feel “othered” as well. They’ve received repeated messages that they don’t learn the right way, learn fast enough, or that they need to accommodate to the world, instead of the world learning how to connect with them. They have so many talents and strengths, but because they process information differently than others and are often Neurodivergent, are not valued for who they are. If you’ve been working hard to check all the boxes, and even if you’ve even managed to do so, I'd love to invite you to reach for your pencil and erase those check marks. Well now, that took some courage, didn’t it? I hope you continue to stand confidently in your authenticity and what you have to offer. You are far more interesting because of your winding path. Everything about you has made you who you are now, and there is so much value in that. If you’d like to explore how to not check the boxes and forge your own path, I’d love to set up a discovery call with you to chat more about this!

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