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Do You Need Different Ingredients?

When we are exhausted, overwhelmed, or distracted by certain circumstances in our lives, we can lose our perspective. This can result in taking the same approach while hoping to create a new outcome.

It’s kind of like laying out a basket of vegetables, with the expected outcome of making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. You want something different, yet bring the same approach and mindset, expecting a new result.

If this is happening to you in any area of your life, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • If you’ve been viewing the world through a certain lens for a long time, you may feel stuck. Awareness of your desire for something to change is the first step. You can only know what you know. It may take an outside perspective to support you in expanding your outlook.

  • Are you clear on what you want the outcome to be? 

  • What might you need to change if you want a different outcome?

Life is filled with an abundance of opportunities to focus on our own growth and expand our perspective. If you are stuck, I encourage you to reach out to a trusted and compassionate source for help. You do have the capacity to change and learn new skills!

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