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Allow the Process to Unfold

I looked outside last week at a couple of ferns that are starting to sprout up from the ground. From my perspective, they are a thing of beauty. The vibrant green against the dark brown mulch, the intricate spirals and small beginnings of leaves. I also realized that there was a lot of work and effort happening. It's a beautiful process that also requires tremendous effort (and possibly some discomfort).

It's safe to say that if we don't have a process we're working on in our lives right now, we soon will. Will it be beautiful? Will it be uncomfortable? Will it be something we will keep to ourselves? Regardless of what it is and how visible or invisible it is, how beautiful or how painful it is, there will likely be work involved and a time frame that we might not be crazy about.

It's not so much about wishing the thing away or resisting it. It's about how we can support ourselves through the process, or what help me might need to ask for. It's also an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness.

Here are a couple of questions to guide you through your thinking about this:

  • What awareness opens up for you as you move through a process?

  • Does it feel possible to allow the process to unfold?

  • Are you resourced enough to navigate your way through, or is it a time you might want to reach out for some support?

Wishing you peace and connection as you move through your process.

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