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A New Kind of Dog

A couple of months ago while walking my dog, I encountered a very curious eight year old boy. He shared with me how much he loved dogs, and was a walking encyclopedia of facts. He was full of questions about my dog, wanting to know what breed he was, why he had one “sock” and so on. As he asked me all of his questions, I explained my dog was a rescue and we didn’t have any information about him. This little boy paused, and with a thoughtful look on his face turned and said to me, “Oh, so he’s a new dog then. There isn’t any other one like him out there.” I was incredibly impressed at his insight.

By the time clients make their way to me for coaching, they often have received so much negative messaging as a result of the challenges they’ve been going through. Their uniqueness and value has been buried underneath shame, sadness and anxiety. Through exploring skills and strategies that work for them, understanding themselves and their brains, and looking at beliefs that are limiting and unhelpful, they too can emerge as their true, unique selves. There’s no one else out there like them, and their talents and strengths are needed in this world. It takes the right people surrounding them to begin to open up to the possibility that they are just as unique and important as everyone else.

We are all a “new kind of person,” not as one who needs to be changed, but as one who can only offer what we each have to offer to the world in our own way. If you haven’t heard this before (or in a while), please remember that we need what you have to offer the world. This little boy remains an example to me with his expansive and curious thinking. May we all continue to walk in the path of possibility and curiosity.

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